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Sanskriti Yogpeeth

About Sanskriti Yogpeeth

Yoga in Rishikesh...!!!!

A Combination of teaching & place!

Located in between the peace, serenity, beauty, and spirituality; Rishikesh is a place opt for Yoga, Meditation and other aspects. Known as World’s Yoga Capital; the city serves the true environment, suitable for yoga. Sanskriti Yogpeeth is an affiliated yoga school in the yoga city of Rishikesh. Various yoga courses like 100 Hours Yoga Course; 200 Hours, 300 Hours & 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Courses & Yoga Retreat Programs. All the courses and programs are internationally certified with Yoga Alliance, USA.

Yoga with Yogic Environment

Living some days with yoga makes you habitual of it. You will start enjoying the life of yogi and soon getting the benefits of it. You will get the ultimate peace with this. Yoga asanas, diet, lifestyle, culture, and everything will eventually change your life and you will start cherishing it.

Yog Gurus at Sanskriti Yogpeeth

Sanskriti Yogpeeth conducts various yoga courses and programs under the guidance of well-trained and professionals yoga teachers. The enthusiastic and experienced mentors of our school are always ready to help their students in every possible way they can. Time to Time, they give you guidance about yoga styles and aspects. The yoga class of our school is a perfect combination of knowledge, talent, and at last utmost proficiency. The teaching style of our yoga school in Rishikesh needed only things from you, i.e., sincerity and dedication with the blend of learning and strategies.

Our registered yoga school in Rishikesh has some features distinct from other yoga schools. Some of them are:
• Our yoga school in India spreads the true knowledge of ancient yoga all over the world.
• Yoga Courses in India at our yoga school build the well-being of an individual.
• We aim to incorporate good disciplines.
• Yoga Courses, Programs or Classes help an individual in attaining self-control.
To know more about our yoga school in Rishikesh, Sanskriti Yogpeeth, Come to our place and learn every aspect of yoga and its types.

We are Different from other Yoga Schools

There are many aspects that make Sanskriti Yogpeeth different from other yoga schools and centers. Some of them are:

  • We offer authentic learning of yoga.
  • We carry lots of experiences with us.
  • We aim to provide injury-free yoga.
  • We conduct theories and practicals equally.
  • We are Yoga Alliance the USA approved yoga school.
  • We have yoga gurus with true and vast knowledge.
  • We offer courses suitable for both, beginners and advanced levels of students.
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The Real Spirit of Our Yoga School

We founded this yoga school in Rishikesh with the true love and energy of our yoga aspirants. The aim of our yoga school is to simply offer the best for you. Sanskriti Yogpeeth follows the well-defined and well-crafted curriculum and decorum of yoga and yogic-life. Our biggest advantage is our location that simply offers the adaptive environment for yoga. This lures all the yoga students and aspirants from all over the globe. Including yoga in our daily routine makes life easier, healthier and helpful. One can easily tackle the hurdles of life by opting yoga and further it provides ultimate bliss and happiness to yoga-aspirants.