Yoga teacher training has become a potential career field in the last couple of years, owing to the popularity of Yoga and the growing nature of the job. Having a history of thousands of years, Yoga has come a long way and hence, it has become a significant part of pop culture today. That’s the reason yoga schools offering a variety of yoga teacher training courses have opened up across different countries. India, being the origin, houses some of the best training schools in the world. Whether you are looking for 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh or 300-hour yoga teacher training, Indian yoga retreats and centers are all here to serve you the best.

However, getting yoga certification is still quite an expensive affair, especially when the competitive space has geared up like never before. Below listed are the top reasons why yoga teacher training programs are so expensive.

Price for the Expertise

The teachers appointed at yoga teacher training schools are experts in their respective fields. They have in-depth knowledge of the topics you are going to learn during the class. At times, some teachers are also called from different countries to teach specific subjects and techniques. During the yoga teacher training courses, you get to learn everything in detail, ranging from the history of yoga to its evolution in the modern world.

So, it would be perfectly alright to say that you are paying the price for the expertise you are about to gain. You wouldn’t be spending the money just to enroll in classes and attend basic lectures, but to master the science of yoga and its philosophy. 

Accommodation and Meals

Yoga teacher training courses in Rishikesh or any other place in the world may take several weeks to several months. And in the meantime, you would need a place to put up and manage your diet routine, especially if you are coming from a different place.

That’s why several teacher training courses usually provide the students with the options of accommodation as well as meals. So, the actual cost you are paying is inclusive of everything you are going to do over the weeks or months of your training program. 

Books and Equipment

Like other courses or subjects, yoga teacher training courses would also require you to have certain books and equipment to train yourself in the best way possible. Books provide you an insight into the depth of yoga and its teachings and help you understand the physical and mental practices to enhance your knowledge. While different equipment such as yoga mats, cleansers, and more facilitate your learning and provide you comfort.

Though most courses include the cost of books and equipment, there are several courses where you may be asked to bring your essentials. Well, everything depends upon the kind of school and program you are enrolling in.

Yoga Schools Maintenance and Taxes

There is more often than not a high cost associated with the maintenance of yoga teacher training schools in Rishikesh. Apart from the program teachers and guest lecturers, there are different in-house staff members a yoga school is committed to taking care of.

They also need to promote their programs and advertise their offers and other services amongst people through posters, flyers, free demo classes, paid ads, and more. And hence, a big chuck goes into marketing. So, the cost you are paying often includes all these maintenance charges and taxes.


Once you complete the course and pass out from the yoga school, you get a valid yoga teacher certification, and thereafter, you are all good to start working as a certified yoga instructor. Regardless of the program you enrolled in or the styles you learned during the course, you would become a reputable yoga teacher and will always be associated with quality training. Sometimes you also gain the title of CYT (certified yoga teacher) which in itself is quite an achievement to feel proud of.

Time-Consuming Process

As mentioned earlier, yoga teacher training courses often take several weeks to several months, and hence, it is a time-consuming program, like every other learning. The schools you would be enrolling in would be fully dedicated to you and your growth in the field of yoga.

They would be spending a lot on your physical as well as mental wellbeing. You would also be receiving expert guidance in the meantime. After all, every student needs time to learn things and excel in their respective interests. 

Quality Training

No one wants to pass out from a yoga school that doesn’t have a good reputation in the market or that doesn’t add up to your future growth. And hence, quality becomes relatable. So, the amount you pay for the course is actually the cost that would help you learn unmatched yoga methodologies and methods.

You will get to understand yoga principles, the history and evolution of yoga, different yoga styles and practices, such as shat kriya, mudras, and asanas, anatomy of the body, benefits of yoga, and a lot more.


The amount you will be paying for yoga teacher training courses doesn’t go in vain. It always provides you with benefits in many ways. It is a great investment as with the help of the course you can build your career and have a prosperous future. Just like any other career option, yoga teacher training courses provide you with directions and purpose in life.

So, these were the major reasons why yoga teacher training programs are so expensive. However, if you think it is worth the money and time, then do signup at the best yoga school in Rishikesh for the best yoga teacher training course. You would certainly be learning a lot about yoga, philosophy, and the science of life.

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