Yoga is a practice performed indoor and outdoor! People choose a different environment, different atmosphere, and different scenario to practice yoga. The ancient practice was originally practiced on grass as we all better know, there was no mat at that time. Later the practice was started on animals’ skin which provided protection for sensitive skin. Now, with new inventions, people started practicing yoga on yoga mats.

Presently, many prefer to do yoga on yoga mats. While undertaking a yoga course, the first thing teacher reminds you of bringing yoga mats or they itself give you one to practice. There are various benefits of a yoga mat but before learning that, let us tell you What actually a yoga mat is? And Which yoga mat is ideal for you?

A yoga mat, in a simple term, is a covering that protects your body from the problems caused by the flooring. It is simply a replacement of ancient material used by yogis.  A yoga mat is mainly made up of cotton, rubber or polyvinyl for better health and better practice.

Let’s talk about the various benefits of Yoga Mat, directly or indirectly that helps you!

  • A Yoga Mat Makes You Feel Comfortable

While doing many yoga asanas, one has to put pressure on one’s hand, ankles, knees or heels. Without a mat, you might face problems in doing these asanas directly on the surface, so, a yoga mat makes you feel comfortable while putting pressure on your body parts or switching the positions.

  • Utilize Your Energy With A Yoga Mat

The practice of yoga is all about gaining the deactivated or stored energy which then flows to your various body parts. In the absence of a yoga mat, the vital energy might flow downwards to the surface. On the contrary, yoga mat helps you in utilizing that stored energy as it is made up of polyvinyl (a thermal insulator).

  • Perform Yoga With Ease With A Yoga Mat

Many yoga asanas demand you to stretch and spread your body. While doing so on the surface, there will be a possible risk of slipping which definitely leads to injuries. Moreover, stretching directly on the ground also results in improper posture formation and can give a painful experience. Yoga mat, on the other hand, offers you a better grip to perform stretching with much ease.

Also, if you think that this use of yoga mat is not applicable if you choose to perform yoga on a flat surface, then let us tell you, this is absolutely wrong. Yoga is a powerful practice and while doing this, one can sweat a lot, that simply means, even if the surface is flat, your sweat can cause it slippery and will become a hurdle in your yoga practice. So, better opt for a yoga mat.

  • Yoga Mat – Your Moral Igniter

Ok, let us leave all the physical benefits or support of a yoga mat for a while. Do you know, a yoga mat is also your moral igniter? How? A yoga mat is obviously a visible thing, so every time when you accidentally look at your yoga mat, you feel like to do yoga, it will remind you to continue your practice, to attain your dream of a yogi. Further, Human Psychology is so interesting, whenever you buy a new thing, you want to use is as soon as possible. So, after having a yoga mat, this will happen with you too. Your inner self provokes you to do yoga.

We think these are enough reasons for you to use a yoga mat instead of doing yoga directly on the surface. So, when are you buying a Yoga Mat to start your Yoga Practice?

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