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Christmas calls for many beautiful moments that we look forward to doing throughout the year. The family fun time, all those glittering lights, the yummy delicacies, and the holidays – there is beauty everywhere. Christmas gifts are something that we all look forward to. Gifting is fun and can easily turn into a chore if you can’t find the right thing that makes sense for the person you have to give the gift to. Finding gifts for a yogi traveller is no exception. It must make sense in terms of aesthetics, persona, and functionality as well.

If you are looking for a meaningful gift to present to a traveller yogi, then you are in the right spot. Here, we have revealed the top Christmas gifts that most yogis, especially the ones who are invested in traveling, admire. 

8 Best Christmas Gifts Ideas for a Travelling Yogi

  • Yoga Journal

Keeping a journal helps us take the further steps of transformation. A journal focussed on documenting your journey of yoga is a perfect gift to give to a loved one who is passionate about yoga. They can utilize the journal to document the thoughts and events during self-reflection time which is a crucial element of a certified 200 hour yoga teacher training in India and various yoga schools across the globe. 

  • A Sturdy and Cushy Yoga Mat

A travelling yogi’s travels are rarely designed without a yoga mat. You can pick a mat that they can use depending upon which kind of style they are into. You can opt for a colour and thickness that they like and gift it folded in a carry yoga mat bag. Pick something that is durable, has sweat-grip technology and is eco-friendly. There are different types of sizes available in the market with different materials. Ideally, a yoga mat that is not too heavy and is large enough to accommodate the height of the yogi works well for travelling yogis as a heavier yoga mat might be difficult to carry around everywhere, it can weigh them down. Hence, go with a medium to lightweight yoga mat for gifting purposes. 

  • Gift a Yogic Experience 

Gift a yoga retreat in India or a Yoga Teacher Training course in Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the globe. This gift will mark a memorable step in the journey of the yogi friend or partner. Be a small part of their journey of yoga. India is the land of yoga with the best yoga schools and retreats in the globe. If you can make time and motivation, you can accompany them to a yoga retreat in Rishikesh at the best yoga school in India. There are other equally invigorating places in India where you can engage in traditional yogic experiences – Kerala, Mysore, Goa and Dharamshala. There is also the option of online yoga courses if you are looking for alternate options that do not require too much travel.

The best option would be to pick a program that can benefit the yogi and also keeping in mind about the kind of time they can commit. If they are at an advanced level, then you can give a specialized program or a yoga retreat. If they are just starting out in their journey of yoga, then perhaps a 200 hour yoga teacher training program would be best. If travelling to India is not an option as of now, then you can book a yoga package at a nearby yoga studio they might have been eyeing since sometime. 

  • A Eye Pillow for Yoga Nidra and Meditation

For the yogis who live a hectic lifestyle, this is a perfect Christmas gift. While practicing yogic nidra and meditation, they can wear it to calm and further relax the eyes which can get tired from overstretching. Apart from feeling relaxed, the eye pillows are also infused with essential oils that aid in enhancing focus during meditation sessions. You can pick an aroma of the person’s choice. These are also great to use during flights. 

  • Meditation Sticks

Another fabulous gift is the meditation incense sticks. Ideal for yogis on the go, these meditation sticks can help set the perfect ambiance for indulging in intense meditation sessions. These also purify and cleanse the ambiance for enhanced practices. 

  • Yoga Gear and Wear

When it comes to an exercise routine, there are specific styles of clothing and gear that help make the routine and overall workout experience better. Gift a set of yoga clothes consisting of yoga pants, a t-shirt, a water bottle, a towel and a mat. Now, this sounds like a complete Christmas gifts. Doesn’t it?

  • A Collection of Chakra Crystals

A perfect gift for spiritualists and yogis focused on peeling the deeper layers of yoga, gift a crystal box to them that consist of 5-7 chakra crystals – tumble stone, pendulum crystal, clear crystal, amethyst cluster, and a raw rose quartz. These crystals aid in setting the mood of the yogi, instilling positivity, and focus. 

  • A Japmala for Meditation Sessions and Incorporating Inner Peace

A japmala is a great gifts option for a traveling yogi. It is used as an important tool in Mantra chanting sessions. It is something that they can carry on the go. The most authentic ones are available in India and Nepal especially if you are looking to buy the ones made from original Rudraksha beads. You can also select from more options such as sandalwood. 

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