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Are you looking for answers that are beyond the limitation of the yoga classes you have been taking? Not finding the current yoga sessions challenging enough? You want to make a real difference in the world and really help the community? If these questions ring a bell and you are nodding in agreement, then perhaps, it is time to take a step ahead and enroll into a yoga teacher training program in India, the birthgiver of this eternal science.

Here are the top signs that are telling you to take up a yoga teacher training program

Yoga is Pretty Much Your Lifestyle Now!

You are a yoga evangelist and we mean this on a serious note. Lately, you pretty much live and breathe yoga. If someone complains of a sore muscle or body ache, you begin to help them out with recommended yoga asanas. You have explored or visited pretty much every yoga studio in town. When you hear or see yoga, something flutters inside you. You feel a different kind of high when you are in the state of yoga. 

A Regular Yoga Class is Not Enough Anymore

Gone are the days when a 60-min yoga session used to fulfill your desire for yoga. Your body and mind have reached a state where you want to dig deeper and more. You are ready to start your own practice as well. On the other hand, you want to gain the expertise of delivering a serious yoga class. You want to find out whats more to this great science and carve out a way to make an honest career out of it. 

You Like To Listen & Interact With People

Being a yoga teacher is about helping others find their inner light as you journey inwards towards your own. For this, it is better if you actually like to interact with people, really listen to what they have to say so you can guide them and lead them, work with them. A student entrusts their responsibility into the care of their yoga instructor and this trust building truly happens when you are able to gain their trust as someone who is really there for them as a mentor and guide. 

You Are Ready To Listen To Your Inner Voice!

You are ready to open your heart and be vulnerable. You are ready to take the journey inward which can be challenging as it takes you through a whirlwind of emotions. But in your heart and mind, you are finally ready to take up this challenge and really open yourself up, bury the ego and peel the layers of your being.

You Love To Learn 

You are curious and your thirst for knowledge is limitless. If you are in a place where you finally want to pursue this search for in-depth knowledge and wisdom, then you are ready to take on the serious teachings of a yoga teacher training program in India. You love the journey more than the destination as yoga is a state that enlightens the mind, body, and spirit. It is a never ending journey that you are ready to take on. You might not be able to say ‘I’ve arrived’, but you love where you are going. 

You Want To Make a Positive Change in Your Life

If you yearn to make some serious positive changes in your life then a yoga teacher training program is the perfect route to begin with. Whether you are tired of your daily corporate job and need something that can really stimulate your inner spirit or you want to make a positive transformation within yourself, then it is time to take up a yoga ttc program. 

You Are In Search of a Community

There are many moments in our lives where we get triggered by negativity. Only those negative emotions are passed onto us from not-so-positive friends in our life. You have reached a place where you want to break away and find new people that you can resonate better with. You will find such kindred spirits during a Yoga TTC program.

You Are Beginning To Question Life’s Purpose

You want to dig deeper and find out the true purpose of this life, then it is time for you to study the nuances of Yogic philosophy taught during a Yoga teacher training program. It is time for you to meet the yogis who can help you get to it. 

You Are Ready To Live a More Humble & Authentic Life

Buying new stuff, in order words, materialism doesn’t seem to interest you anymore. You have reached a place where you want to lead a more humble and authentic life that is healthier and that reflects in your behavior towards people too. You have reached a place where you want to seriously give up any toxic habits and want to be able to manage any stress without getting affected by it. It is time to challenge yourself with a yoga teacher training program. 

You Want To Make a Positive Contribution to the World

Advising people to make a positive change is one thing, you have genuinely begun to take keen interest in helping others lead a more positive and healthier life. You want to walk along with those who need mental and emotional support that a yoga teacher can provide. You are ready to make a positive difference in your life as well as the community people. 

Best Yoga Teacher Training Schools in India

If you are in search for the best yoga courses then pack your bags to Rishikesh India. You would find the best yoga school in Rishikesh particularly for Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in India. You will find traditional and authentic yoga courses in Rishikesh.

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