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Travelling to India for a yoga teacher training course is a rewarding experience. Doing yoga courses in India opens a door to a whole new world where your mind, body, and spirit are set free. It is important to maintain your focus on following the course curriculum which means that you should come prepared for it in terms of packing and essentials. There are times and opportunities when you would wonder ‘I wish I had packed this along’. To avoid falling into this type of a situation over and over, we have a ready packing essentials right here. These essentials would ensure that your yoga teacher training in Rishikesh or any other corner of India is completely sorted. 

Here are the top packing essentials that you should carry during a 200 Hour Yoga TTC in India.

Alarm Clock

At the traditional yoga courses in India, the days begin as early as 5 am. If you are not used to waking up early or are nocturnal, then this might actually hurt your daily schedule at the school. Hence, keep an alarm clock handy with you, preferably a few steps away from your bed so you would not switch it off in sleep. Believe us, you do not want to miss the early morning classes. 

Multi-Subject Notebook

A yoga teacher training in India is an intensive program with several subjects integrated into its curriculum in both theory and practice. Making your own notes while taking classes to reflect upon later, is helpful in refining the practice. Hence, carry a multi-subject notebook with you along with a pen to jot down notes from the classes.  

Breathable Clothing And Accessories

India has a diverse weather and experiences different climatic conditions in different months. If you are heading for a yoga teacher training in Rishikesh between the months of October to March, then it is a good idea to pack layered clothing as the weather gets really cold at night and is balmy during the day. If you are travelling for a 200 hour Yoga TTC in India during the summers, then pick clothing that is lightweight and breathable in your packing essentials. Ideally, a couple of yoga pants, 2 anti-wicking shorts, 4 t-shirts are sufficient

Hiking Shoes and Flip Flops

You are in India, the land of the Himalayas and a place full of paradisal beaches. Which means that you might want to explore its rugged terrains for indulging in isolated meditation practices or simply to indulge in nature. Hence, it is best to carry a pair of sturdy hiking shoes and a pair of flip flops for a walk through the plains. 

Yoga Mat and Towels

There are several yoga schools in India that provide their own yoga mats for asana practices. However, it is a good idea to carry one of your own, especially, if you have already developed a liking to a certain material and weight of the yoga mat. Do pack a couple of clean towels as you do not want to drip off and slip in your own sweat due to the slipperiness caused by excessive sweat. 

Health Supplements and Energy Snacks

Sometimes, the rigorous asana practices can leave you starving for fillers in terms of energy and calories both. Hence, carry nut bars or protein bars as snacks. These are non-perishable in the short run and also fill your body with the required protein and energy to thrive during the sessions. You would be consuming a vegetarian, even vegan diet which might not be sufficient to fulfill the daily iron and vitamin needs of your body. For this, you can carry iron supplements and multivitamins to keep your body well nourished throughout the course. 

First Aid Kit

Yoga or not, it is always recommended that you carry a small first aid kit when travelling. This first aid kit can consist of basic necessities such as pads, tampons (if you are a woman), band-aids, muscle relieving spray, mosquito repellents, pepto or a medication that you can take for diarrhea or food poisoning which can happen in India if you are particularly not used to Indian food. 


Offbeat places like Rishikesh can have frequent power cuts or not have enough light in the streets. Hence, wear a headlamp that you can use while walking through dimly lit streets or when there is a power cut. 

Water Bottle

Of course, you get water in India. But so is a sudden surge of thirst that can happen during a rigorous yoga session. A water bottle can be a great rescuer in moments like these. It can also serve you well during other activities such as hiking or exploring the flea markets on a sunny day. 

Sun Protection Gear

Owing to India’s position near the Equator, the sun rays are quite intense here. If you are particularly allergic to the sun rays or want to avoid getting too tanned, then pack a complete sun protection kit consisting of basic essentials such as a sun block cream, a sun heat, a pair of anti-radiation sun glasses and so on. 

Apart from these, the individual packing list would vary, especially, if you have any existing conditions or ailments. Otherwise, this is a wholesome packing list of essentials for a comfortable journey through a yoga teacher training in India.

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